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Henry Hallward

The Safari Guild is led by Henry Hallward, a safari guide since 1991. Henry has served as a Director and Chairman of The African Travel & Tourism Association, Publisher of The Good Safari Guide and Founder of The Safari Awards and The Safari Guild. When not in Africa he lives with his wife and two daughters on the Lambourn Downs in Oxfordshire.

Fi Culligan
Account Manager - Product

Fi Culligan has over 30 years experience in the safari business covering all aspects. Fi combines two the roles of African Product Manager and overseeing the itineraries in East and Central Africa liaising closely with regional offices our ground-handler partners in Africa. Final approval on all safari itineraries is Fi's responsibility. Fi is based in the UK when not visiting travel expos and product in Africa.

Clair Mathews-Crawford
Account Manager - Agent

Clair ran upmarket mobile safaris in Kenya before splitting her life between Kenya and the USA. Clair manages Agent Partners and oversees their itineraries liaising with Fi and Carol and and our ground handlers in Africa. Clair is based in upstate New York for 9 months of the year escaping back to Kenya in the busy season from July to September.

Carol Hamaimbo
Account Manager - Product

Carol comes from a background of ground handling in Zambia and is based in our Lusaka office. Carol manages itineraries in Southern Africa working closely with our product partners and ground handlers.

Trevor Walker
Finance Manager
  •    +44 1844 292 084
  •    +44 7958 307 738

Trevor is our Accounts Manager based in the UK. Retiring as a group bank manager for the world's largest bank Trevor manages all invoicing, payments and currency activity for us.

Sarah Collins
Production Manager
  •    +44 1865 989280
  •    +44 7768 870655
  •    sarah.foxcollins

Sarah, based in the UK, manages all of our contracting with product and agency partners.

Natasha Page-Wood
Content Manager
  •    +44 1865 989280
  •    natasha.page.wood

Natasha supports Sarah Collins and oversees our social media activity.

Iain MacDonald
Website Manager
  •    +44 7871 304608
  •    iainmacdonald71

Iain has worked with us from inception to create the software platform Safarilink operates on. Working very closely with all of our team Iain constantly updates the Safarilink systems and adds features to help us all save time and improve efficiency.

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